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Tender Notice for Expression Of Interest


Tender Notice for Expression Of Interest

Balochistan rural support program BRSP is implementing the 4th phase of Sanitation for Million (S4M). Sanitation for million (S4M) is a global program. This programme strategically aims at preventing conflicts, improving the local environmental conditions, mitigating health risks, and generating employment in the sector. The learning experience and success stories from different continents are transferred and adapted to other regional contexts. The programme’s results directly contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 6 and SDG 4). BRSP and GIZ planned to organize two workshops each one is the duration of a one-day workshop for the project team and relevant stakeholders on the concept of “WASH FIT” in health centers to familiarize the staff and stakeholders on the concept and strategies of WASH FIT in the health centers.

Opening Date:March 8, 2022

Closing Date:March 16, 2022