Sector Facts

Institutes in 13 Districts

Students enrolled with 15% girls

Schools & 242 Madaris repaired & renovated

Students provided with employable skills training's (52% Women)

Students benefitted from Libraries established in 72 Educational Institutes

Students of Madaris enrolled in 190 Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) Schools in 07 districts

Students participated in extra curricular activities

Parent Teacher School Management Committee

Alp teachers of Madaris & trainned them though provincial institute for teacher Education (PITE)

Schools & Madaris provided with reading & writing material

Teacher Professional Training (47% Women)

Sector Briefing

The official estimates for 2016-17 are that 70 percent of the children in Balochistan who are in the age group that should be in primary or secondary school (classes 1 to 12) are out of school; 78 percent of the girls and 64 percent of the boys are in this category. The estimated number of out of school children in Balochistan is 1.91 million.
Recognizing that provision of educational institutions to all areas of Balochistan is unattainable in the short term, BRSP, inspired by the cost-effective, service delivery model, is coordinating with BACE and other government bodies to extend formal education to all 23,000 settlements across Balochistan. In the 13,000 hamlets where primary schools exist, BRSP proposes to integrate ALP into their curriculum; while in the (10,000-12,000) far-flung areas where no schools are available, BRSP aspires to use local mosques as schools, based on the formal education curriculum, duly recognized by the Government of Balochistan.