Social Mobilisation & Institutional Development

Sector Briefing

Social Mobilization is the mainstay of BRSP’s interventions in rural development which proves that only established Community Institutions (CIs) having strong linkages, can bring true empowerment and alleviate poverty when households are united to form of COs, VOs and LSOs. Then these institutions can play a decisive role to addressing most crucial and challenging issues of rural poor to come out of vicious cycle of poverty. Subsequently, the social and human capital produced have the potential to serve as a building block for developing transparent, accountable and professionally managed networks of CIs.

BRSP started gradually maturing-up its three tiers social mobilization model focusing on federating COs into VOs and then LSOs so that CIs can take over the service delivery role as part of its long-term strategy. This role was further enhanced through creating synergies with local government institutions. However, BRSP continued its role as a mentor or facilitator, but the actual implementation of development initiatives needed to be owned and championed by the local communities. Apart from RSPs’ institutional development approach, BRSP has also formed specific groups under various projects since its inception. The details of social mobilization since 1991 and the reporting year are given in the below table:


Institutions/Groups formed During the Year Jul-18 – June-19 Cumulative as of June 2019
Total CIs Membership Overall CIs Membership
 Community Organizations (Men) 3670 54489 14158 219442
 Community Organizations (Women) 2533 36749 7081 108152
 Community Organizations (Mix) 5 63 64 955
 Total 6208 91301 21303 328549
 Village Organizations (Men) 947 5796 2756 27090
 Village Organizations (Women) 429 2714 951 8265
 Village Organizations (Mix) 1 4 54 513
 Total 1377 8514 3761 35868
 Local Support Organization (Men) 36 1408 116 3712
 Local Support Organization (Women) 0 0 1 17
 Total 36 1408 117 3729
 Village Specialist Association (VSAs) 0 0 21 133
 Farmer Associations (FAs) 0 0 458 6219
 Parent education Committees (PECs) 0 0 159 1180
 Village Health Committees (VHCs) 0 0 104 1097
 Liaison Committees (LCs) 0 0 4 80
 Wash Committees 508 3518 640 4641

Note: the Tabular summary of progress is updated on a quarterly basis

The outcome of  the Community Institutions and Community Training

BRSP assesses the outcome of CIs through its Outcome Tracking Sheet (OTS). The following summary will highlight achievements made by the CIs in the year 2017-18:

  • 990 CIs reported operating their bank accounts.
  • 413 CIs attained registration from Social Welfare Department, GoB.
  • 6,960 CIs’ saved a total amount of Rs. 33,243,450.
  • 1,075 CIs provided small loans through
    internal lending of Rs. 5,085,190 after approving 1,183 cases that benefitted 7,037 men and women.
  • 767 CIs mobilized Rs. 2,396,913 through internal resources.
  • Men and women CIs conducted 8,312 awareness sessions on basic human and
    civics rights, health & hygiene and social cohesion benefiting 211,014 men and women.
  • CIs facilitated 42,224 men and women in Computerised National Identity Cards (CNICs) preparation.
  • Men and women CIs held 4,104 campaigns and facilitated 41,258 men and women in voter registration.
  • Men and women CIs held 5,510 campaigns and enrolled 38,995 children in schools
  • CIs linked 44,607 men and women with social safety net programmes and benefitted from Rs. 2,910,400.
  • Men and women CIs have taken 4,656 self-help initiatives such as rehabilitation of Drinking Water Supply Schemes (DWSS), irrigation channels extension, protection walls,
    karezes, cleaning of water reservoirs, organizing medical camps and provision of reading writing material, etc. benefiting 226,660 men and women by spending an amount of Rs. 5,904,753.
  • Men and women CIs developed a total of 3,340 productive linkages with other organizations and mobilized resources for installation/rehabilitation of schemes for irrigation purposes, construction of water reservoirs, electricity transmission line, repair and renovation of education and health facilities, etc.  The total amount spent was Rs. 239,323,938 that benefitted 144,893 men and women
  • 1,169 CIs assisted members of COs, VOs in conducting meetings, record keeping and linkages development, etc.