Physical Infrastructure And Technological Development (PITD)

Sector Briefing

PITD is one of the focused programmatic areas of BRSP in which local needs based and demand driven small scale CPIs contributed significantly towards income generation, livelihood improvement, and enhancing socio-economic conditions of rural poor. PITD has played a pivotal role in poverty alleviation at grassroots through fulfilling immediate disaster resilient communities’ needs in a cost effective and efficient manner. Furthermore, PITD remained crucial in strengthening of social mobilization process and ensuring CIs’ empowerment through their proactive involvement in project management. BRSP’s intervention in PITD such as check dams, flood protection walls, water reservoirs, irrigation channels, provision of safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, renewable energy, construction of roads & small bridges has contributed remarkably in the overall development of targeted areas.

Following are the cumulative highlights of CPI schemes implemented through CIs:


Scheme Types Cumulative as of June 2017
Land & Water Development
Drinking water system (Well development, supply pipelines and water storage tanks, and Solar Pumps) 671
Water conservation & Management (Irrigation water storage pond, water channels, PVC pipelines and head walls, Mini Dams) 693
Soil conservation (Land reclamation/ flood Protective works/Land levelling) 166
IWRM (Karez improvement for Drinking Water Supply, Irrigation with Forest development, Poly tunnels, water shade, Efficient Irrigation system) 157
Sub Total – Land & Water Development 1,687
Basic Social Services Improvement
Rural Roads/Culverts 35
Sanitation 41
TIP-Households Electrification(Villages) 8
Model Villages/Community Centres/Sport Facilities 22
Health Infrastructure –BHUs 23
Education Infrastructure-Schools 346
Construction of Changing & Dressing Rooms 2
Construction of one Boundary Wall of 400 RFT 1
Construction of Cricket Pitches in Academy 5
Households Latrines 3246
One Room Shelters along with Latrines 10,150
Sub Total – Basic Social Services Improvement 13,891
Grand Total 15,578