Gender and Development

Sector Briefing

According to census 2017, total population of Balochistan is 1,2,344,408 with 6,483,653 men and 5860646 women and 109 transgender. Gender disparity levels in Balochistan are the highest in comparison to the rest of the provinces. Participation of female in labour force stands at 6-7% and the female literacy rate in Balochistan is 24 percent, the lowest amongst the five provinces. Around 1.8 million children are out of school in Balochistan. 66 percent school age children are out of school and 70 percent of them are girls. Only 40 percent of the girls in Balochsitan enrol at the primary level and majority of them drop out before completing primary education. Maternal Mortality Ratio is 785 per 100,000 live births. Only 24 percent deliveries take place at health facilities.

BRSP is a proponent of Gender and Development approach as it promotes equality between men and women for inclusive human development. BRSP believes that sustainable and effective change can only be brought through active participation of men and women, boys and girls in all the stages of the change process. BRSP perpetuates this belief during policy development as well as planning and implementation of its programs in communities. BRSP ensures gender sensitive policies for its staff, and for the beneficiaries of its varied programs. Moreover, BRSP is committed to build the capacity of its partner NGOs/CBOs (Community Based Organisations) to ensure gender mainstreaming in true letter and spirit. All the programs and projects of BRSP ensure gender sensitivity in its planning, implementation and evaluation.

In rural Balochistan, mostly women are deprived of their basic needs exacerbated by cultural and religious barriers to mobility issues. They suffer from economic poverty, illiteracy and lack of access to health care. Therefore, BRSP focuses to empower women through social mobilisation, awareness-raising, access to social sector services such as health, education, sanitation and livelihood opportunities, so their families and communities can also benefit. BRSP’s focus is addressing poverty at household level because we believe that poverty exists at household level therefore, an appropriate intervention at household level can reduce poverty.

Thematic focus of BRSP Programs:

  • Social Mobilization
  • Capacity building
  • Economic empowerment
  • Improve access to Social Sector Services

BRSP Contribution:

  • Gender Policy developed and implemented at all levels.
  • BRSP is member of the RSPN Gender Resource Group.
  • BRSP is e member of the End Violence Against Women and Girls(EVAW/G) Alliance Balochistan chapter and the Gender Task Force Balochistan.
  • Gender Sensitization, Training of Trainers and Refresher courses for BRSP Staff.
  • Out of 17,672 community organizations 5676 are Women organizations.
  • 570 Teachers trained through professional development training which includes 47 percent women
  • 4,412 persons trained through Long Term Skills Training out of them 21percent are women
  • 01 Women Technical Training Center (WTTC) constructed in Chaman
  • 7,798 Enterprise Development Training conducted out of that 32 percent% participants are women
  • 7,202 Micro Businesses established out of that 39 percent% are women
  • 33 Production Centers (30 percent women)
  • Prime Minister loan provided to 7,213 (Loans Rs. 153 m) 81 percent of them are women
  • 208 teachers trained on LSBE which includes 42 percent women
  • 5,009 Children and women immunized
  • Anti- Sexual Harassment Act 2010 in place and Anti Sexual Harassment Committee notified by BRSP and the boards of Code of Conduct of Anti Sexual Harassment Law 2010 Act developed and displayed in all BRSP offices.

Gender in Balochistan Rural Development and Community Empowerment- BRACE Program
Gender is the cross-cutting theme in the 5-year program BRACE.

  • Support EU Technical Assistance in undertaking a comprehensive gender analysis.
  • Under result 6 of BRACE Program 50% women Community organizations will be formed.
  • Special focus will be given to enhance capacity of women through different trainings.
  • Literacy and Numeracy Skills will be imparted to 8,440 women activists.
  • Gender Training of Trainers on organizational HR/Gender policies and anti-sexual harassment laws for 12 BRSP staff and Government officials.
  • Gender Training of Trainers for 20 BRSP’s key BRDCEP staff on gender mainstreaming and sensitization actions in communities.
  • Gender sensitization sessions for 633 Community Resource Persons (CRPs) and 633Local Support Organization (LSO) members.
  • Provision of Income Generating Grants (IGGs) to 8,316 women beneficiaries in the focused Union Councils for improving their income.
  • Provision of Community Investment Fund (CIF) to 14,550 women in poor households.
  • Training of 2,110 men & women beneficiaries on vocational and technical skills.

Good Practices

  • Giving voice to the women through organizing them in Community institutions and capacity enhancement interventions.
  • Incorporating women’s concerns and needs in Village Development Plans (VDPs) and Union Council Development Plans (UCDPs)
  • Provision of Financial Services to women will improve their livelihood.
  • Enrolment Campaign and enrolment of out of school children with special focus on girl’s enrolment.
  • Sensitization of men to involve their women in development activities and decision making.