Emergency Response

Sector Facts

Beneficiaries Flood Relief 2007

Beneficiaries Earthquake Relief 2008

Beneficiaries Flood Relief 2010-11

Sector Briefing

BRSP has provided financial and technical assistance for 28,470 community-identified, community-managed physical infrastructure schemes for purposes such as water conservation and management, irrigation water storage, water channels, drinking water, soil and land conservation, rural link roads and culverts, post-flood one-room shelters and renewable energy. The cost of these schemes was PKR 2,779 million, to which the communities contributed PKR 354 million. The CPI programme has engaged approximately 3,200 community organizations so far and benefitted an estimated 1.5 million villagers across the province.

Drinking Water Supply Schemes

1 million people across Balochistan benefitted from 1,812 small and large scale drinking water schemes


Depending on the situation prevailing in the village, BRSP helped install hand pumps or water supply systems with storage and pipelines, and supported various interventions for increasing irrigation water supply and using water efficiently. These included karez improvement, efficient irrigation systems, soil conservation through land levelling and reclamation, water conservation through mini dams, and the use of solar and wind energy for irrigation water. BRSP also provided water and sanitation facilities in schools and carried out repairs in government basic health units and district headquarters.

Protective Structures