Sector Briefing

Over the years, low public investment in education, poor quality of delivery, poor infrastructure and lack of educational facilities has led to a system that is characterized by low enrolment, high teachers and students absenteeism, increased dropout rate, lack of schools and little or no engagement of the communities in the affairs of the schools.

BRSP’s programmatic aim for the promotion of basic education is based on the belief that education is a fundamental solution to address poverty. BRSP belives that promoting boys’ and girls’ education is a dire need of the society, since an educated society can only be able to fight poverty in a more effective way.

To improve the quality education and increase the enrollment of the students in schools in Balochistan, summary of the BRSP’s contribution are as under:

  • Increasing enrollment and retaining 37,404 students (girls and boys) in 621 schools in 13 districts of Balochistan.
  • Improvement of infrastructure of 253 primary, elementary and secondary schools/ Madrasas, which include improving infrastrucure and provision of missing facilities including WASH, providsion of furniture and fixtures in 470 schools, establishment of 72 libraries and establishment of 63 computer & science laboratories
  • Capacity building of 570 teachers on modern teaching techniques.
  • Strengthening of 400 PTSMCs through invlovement of already formed COs, VOs & LSOs.
  • Organisaing learning and exposure visits to renowned eductional institutues across Pakistan for 632 teachers and students of formal and traditional institutues.