Natural Resource Management (NRM)

In Balochistan, majority of the rural population is poverty stricken with deteriorated living conditions because of continuously imposed pressure for survival resulting in degradation of agricultural and range lands where water is the most scarce natural resource for domestic and agriculture purpose. BRSP implemented two NRM projects in districts; Killa Abdullah and Ziarat, mainly concerned with watershed management and forest conservation.

Following are the immediate outcomes of interventions in previously completed projects:

  • Increased water recharge of existing Karezes and maintained water table through
    construction of 31 check dams;
  • Minimized water losses through installation of 2800 feet pipeline;
  • Provided conducive and protective environment to women through construction of five washing pads around existing Karezes for washing clothes;
  • Reduced water contamination by means of constructing five animal troughs and specific drinking water points for livestock;
  • Strengthened existing water sources in order to increase the water recharge structures through de-silting two water ponds;
  • Improved access to Afghan refugees including women and children to clean drinking water through installation of four hand pumps at various locations, where water table was stable;
  • Provided high efficient irrigation system for an acre land to grow low delta crops such as grapes and olives, etc.;
  • Decreased soil erosion and up-graded protected areas from environmental hazards through plantation of 8000, wild plants covering 200-acre land;
  • Increased production of off-season vegetation and drought resilient crops for small farmers through installation of 15 poly tunnels around five Karezes;
  • Improved forest conservation by
    distribution of fuel efficient stoves and solar lights among inhabitants of targeted districts.

Natural Resource Management (NRM)

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