Prime Minister Interest Free Loan (PMIFL)

Project Facts

Interest Free Loans (millions)

Million to Female and 84.68 million to Male


Project Briefing

BRSP is providing interest-Free Loans (IFL)in six districts of Balochistan; Zhob, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Kharan, Khuzdar, and Jhal Magsithrough 15 loan centers, where BRSP has fostered community institutions. The IFLscheme has a total grant of Rs 86.172 million as a revolving fund which is sent to the eligible households.BRSP has so far provided a total of 9,401 loans and disbursed a total of Rs.204.5 million to eligible beneficiaries between 2016 to December 2021 (about 63% of these beneficiaries are women).


This scheme aims to provide microloans to the poor to set up micro-enterprises that can help them earn a livelihood and become financially independent. People from these districts have little or no access to financial services provided by different financial institutes such as banks which charge a high interest on loans. An average of Rs 21,553 loan is provided to help poor community members to start micro-enterprises so that they can become contributing members of the economy and hence improving the economy of the state.

Project Activities

  • To provide Interest-Free Loans (IFL) available to men, women, and youth from poor, vulnerable, and marginalized households,so that they may engage in productive economic activities.
  • To improve the lives of poor men and women and allow them to positively contribute to the economy.
  • Establish and/or strengthen union council based community loan centers, capable of assessing, distributing, and recovering Interest-Free Loans to those households having poverty score 0-30.
  • Support women participation and inclusion in economic activities, by disbursing at least 50% of the loans to women.