Construction of Labor Room and Dialyses Center in DHQ Hospital Killa Saifullah

Project Facts


Project Briefing

BRSP under the financial support of PATRIP Foundation will construct a Dialysis Centre in District Head Quarter Hospital, district Killa Saifullah. The construction work will be comprised on the construction of six (06) bedded dialysis Centre (3 beds for male and 3 beds for female), a reception, waiting for area for male & female, room for Medical Officers/Medical Technicians, WASH facilities, Radiology Room, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nursing Lounge, Medical Bio Gases, RO Plant Room, OPD area. The extension/rehabilitation of Labour Room including Lady Medical Officer Room, delivery room, female waiting area and rehabilitation of existing post-delivery obstructive care unit, ward, provision of necessary medical equipment, furniture and solar system to overcome electric shortfall will also be ensured under the Action. The waste incinerator and safe drinking water are also proposed under the said grant. The IEC material/care protocols for the dialysis centre. The capacity of technical health staff of labour room will be enhanced to better serve women and children of the area and also dialysis center’s staff to operate and maintain dialysis machine/equipment.

Cross Border Locations (Afghani Communities)

Zabul Province: City. Kalat, Small towns. Zangir, AllaJargha, Mama, Darwazai


To improve maternal and child health care services and establish dialysis centers for renal failure patients from close border and trans-border Pak-Afghan communities.


Construction of Labour Room and Dialyses Center in DHQ Hospital, Killa Saifullah

  • Improve health care services through the construction of a fully equipped dialysis center.
  • Renovation of labour room.
  • Provision of solar systems and construction of conventional incinerators for solid waste management.
  • Construction of dialysis center at the DHQ Hospital, Killa Saifullah.
  • Renovation of the existing infrastructure.
  • Access to safe drinking water and sanitation.
  • Improve the professional capacity of health care providers through capacity building of DHQ Hospital staff.