Construction and Improvement of DHQ Hospital Noshki

Project Facts


Targeted Population

Project Briefing

BRSP with the financial support of PATRIP Foundation will strengthen DHQ Hospital Noshki in terms of improving infrastructure and provide the necessary equipment and furniture/fixtures to better serve people of the area with health services. The project deliverables include addressing missing facilities such as the improvement of the basic infrastructure of DHQ Hospital comprising treatment of the roof, general wards of male & female, children’s, emergency unit, repair of front boundary wall and replacement of the main gate.  The existing labor room will be rehabilitated containing an ultrasound room, Lady Medical Officer (LMO) room, a patients’ waiting room & restroom, washrooms, a sterilization room, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The new construction work will include six residential quarters for staff, one medicine store, the establishment of a waste disposal unit.

Cross Border Afghan communities benefitting from DHQ Hospital Noshki

Qandahar, Helmand Small towns, Shurawak, Registan


To improve the quality of life of communities living in the Pak-Afghan border areas of Balochistan province through social mobilization, promoting peace harmony, and tolerance, and enhanced access to quality social services including electrification, safe drinking water, and basic health necessities.


  • Renovation and improvement of basic infrastructure in DHQ Hospital, Nushki.
  • Extension/improvement of existing labour room facilities along with WASH Facilities.
  • Construction of medicine store (warehouse).
  • Construction of residential quarters for medical staff.
  • Renovation of ambulance parking shed.
  • Incinerator construction for hospital waste management system
  • Providing necessary equipment, furniture, and supplies.
  • Capacity building of health care providers for professional health services.
  • Development, printing, and dissemination of IEC material.