Balochistan Rural Development and Community Empowerment (BRACE)

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Union Councils

Pakistani citizens is target population (In Millions)

Households to be Organised

COs to be formed

VOs to be formed

LSOs to be formed

LSO Networks

Project Briefing

(Being Implemented in close collaboration with the Local Government and Rural Development Department, Government of Balochistan.)

The BalochistanRural Development and Community Empowerment (BRACE) is a European Union (EU) funded Programme and is being implemented in nine districts of Balochistan by five Implementing Partners. The BRSP component is a five-year (2017-2022) €26 million implemented in the eight districts (Zhob, Loralai, Duki, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Washuk, Khuzdar and Jhal Magsi) in close collaboration with the Government of Balochistan and the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) is implementing in Kechdistrict. The Rural Support Programme Network (RSPN) coordinates with the two RSPs and provides technical support to the RSPs. DAI/Human Dynamics works on policy reforms and tasked with the development and implementation of a Community-Driven (CD) Local Government and Rural Development (LG&RD) policy. The Public Finance Management Reform component is implemented by the fifth BRACE IP, the Oxford Policy Management (OPM).
BRACE Programme aims at mobilizing and capacitating the rural communities for reinforced resilience, accessibility to basic services, improved livelihoods, economic growth, capacity enhancement of local authorities/governments to partner with communities for effective and efficient service delivery, and to assist the development of a strategic policy framework for the institutionalization of these approaches.

Geographical Coverage

The overall objective of the programme is to support the Government of Balochistan in reducing the negative impact of economic deprivation, poverty and social inequality, environmental degradation and climate change, and to turn this into opportunities to build and empower resilient communities participating actively in identifying and implementing socioeconomic development activities on a sustainable basis in partnership with local authorities.

Under BRACE, the population of 300,000 poor rural households in 249 union councils are to be mobilised and organised into a network of people’s own institutions: 19,129 Community Organisations (COs), 3,103 Village Organisations (VOs), 249 Local Support Organisations (LSOs) and 31 LSO Networks at tehsil level and eight at district level. RSPs will then provide support to improve the organised households’ lives and livelihoods, as well as to foster linkages between the community institutions and local government to improve local basic service delivery.