Relief, Repatriation and Rehabilitation UC Baikar District Dera Bugti

BRSP with the financial support of PPAF has implemented Relief, Repatriation and Rehabilitation Project in one union council (Baikar) of District Dera Bugti. BRSP entered into an agreement with PPAF in April, 2016 for the span of eighteen months June 2016 to November 2017.

The program had four components;

  1. Institutional Development (ID),
  2. Livelihood Enhancement & Protection (LEP),
  3. Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI) and
  4. Health & Education

Main objective of the project was “Targeted poor are empowered with increased incomes, improved productive capacity and access to services to achieve sustainable livelihoods where youth become key agents for behavioral change and peace and pluralism in the programme areas.”

During the reporting period progress against each component of the project remained as;

Institutional Development (ID) “Developing and strengthening social structures representing youth, to effectively manage their own development and have increased capacity to relate with central institutions, other organizations and markets”.

Overall achievements against the envisaged deliverables under ID component are;

  • Overall 89 first tier community organizations were formed, which is 100% against the target.
  • Total 27 second tier community organizations were formed.
  • Overall 35 VDPs were developed through trained CRPs.
  • The 35 second tier organizations were federated in one third tire organization at UC level.
  • 3 staff members were provided with 8 days long training on Institutional Development
  • 6 staff members were provided with exposure visit.
  • 1 CRP was provided ToT on CMST, who further imparted CMST to 240 community members.
  • 15 CRPs trained on Union Council Development Planning, who further carried out the planning exercise with second and third tier organizations.
  • 54 members from second tier organizations capacitated on Linkages Development & Resource Mobilization.
  • 54 members from second tier organizations were trained on promoting peace & pluralism in the area.
  • 54 members from second tier organizations were trained on village organizations as Institution.
  • 80 community members were provided exposure for learning and replication of best practices in their respective areas.

Livelihood Enhancement & Protection (LEP)

 “Improved livelihood opportunities and capacities for the programme focused communities especially the youth”.

Overall achievements against the envisaged deliverables under LEP component are;

  • Before initiation of Livelihood interventions, Poverty Score Card (PSC) exercise was carried out with 100% organized Households (HH);
  • 3 Community members were trained as master trainer for imparting Enterprise Development Trainings.
  • 136 Livelihood Investment Plans were prepared with ultra and vulnerable poor households.
  • These ultra and vulnerable poor were provided ED trainings through trained trainers.
  • Later on, assets were provided to 136 beneficiaries in presence of PPAF team and MPA.
  • 2 Community members were trained as Livestock Extension workers.
  • CIG of 20 women around local embroidery was formed and provided with 3 months long training.

Programme/Project Donor

For Grievances/Complaints

Mr. Israr Ullah Rind

Compliance Officer

Balochistan Rural Support Programme


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