Livelihood Employment & Enterprise Development (LEED Batch-62)

BRSP entered into an agreement with PPAF in April, 2015 for the span of 6 months April 2015 to September 2015.

The project aimed to:

The project aimed to graduate the ultra/vulnerable poor HH that received assets under LEP, leverage the income at union council level by introducing innovative; livelihoods, Employment & Enterprise Development models in clusters and groups, and CLF in the target Union Councils. The proposed action intended to create opportunities for youth in the target Union Councils. Special attention was paid to the gender perspective of the project. Women being more than half of population of the project area were consulted during all the phases of project’s implementation. In the process of capacity building of the community institutions; efforts were made to ensure that the communities also select women of the area for the skill development programs. Similarly, CIGs were capacitated and they were technically supported to develop linkages with markets to become business cooperatives.

Major Deliverables of the project included; Livelihood Enhancement Plan Development (LIPs), Capacity building of the communities, Assets provisions to ultra & vulnerable poor, Exposure visits, District Melas, District Seminars/Workshops for sector development and Research documentation/Case studies development.

During the project period of April 2015 to September 2015, achievements against the major deliverables of the project were;

  • Total 354 Livelihood Investment Plans including 243 for women and 111 for men, were developed which is 100% against the target of 1,842 LIPs.
  • 1,190 beneficiaries trained on skill, Enterprise Development and other trainings which is (119%) against the target 1000 individuals.
  • Asset provided to 354 Ultra/vulnerable beneficiaries (100%) against the target 354 beneficiaries.
  • 10 District level Melas conducted against the target of 10 events.
  • 6 Exposure visits were arranged in which 148 community members were provided exposure regarding various interventions.
  • 10 District level Seminars/Workshops were conducted against the target of 10 events.
  • 20 best cases were documented as research documentation & case studies against the target of 20.

Cumulative Progress

Cumulative Progress against the project deliverables remained as;




LIPs Completed



Training provided to person



Assets Provided



Exposure Visits


148 Pax

District Melas



District workshops/seminars for sector development



Research documentation & case studies development



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