Bordering Districts Development Programme (BDDP)

Improve Quality Life of Pak-Afghan Trans-bordering Communities (PATRIP-Foundation) Balochistan Rural Support (BRSP) with the financial support of PATRIP Foundation is implementing rehabilitation or construction of social and economic infrastructure in cross border and close border districts of Balochistan; Zhob, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Quetta, Killa Saifullah and Noshki districts. The overall goal of the program is to facilitate economic opportunities and lay a foundation for future cross-border or close border trade and cooperation in order to bring peace, harmony and contribute to stabilization in the region. The programme provides increased economic opportunities in these bordering areas and encourage market linkages and improved economic services. This will benefit the local inhabitants through cross border social and economic activities generated as a result of infrastructural development in the target districts to contribute in improving the living conditions of the rural population leading to overall stabilization of the region.

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Mr. Israr Ullah Rind

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Balochistan Rural Support Programme


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