Agriculture Innovation Programme (AIP)

BRSP with the financial support of International Maize & Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) has implemented the Agriculture Innovation Programme (AIP) in three districts (Pishin, Kharan & Jhal Magsi) of Balochistan for a period of 24 months (Oct 2015- March 2017) for the following milestones,

  1. 200 participatory paired plot demonstration, informal Research & Development (IRD) to Popularized most promising wheat varieties adopted to diverse cropping pattern and agro-ecological Zones.
  2. 100 participatory seed priming demonstration conducted in rainfd areas of Balochistan.
  3. 20 ha wheat seed production by engaging around 50 farmers and linking with market outlet/seed provisioning.
  4. 50 Farmers trained (10 per location) on wheat variety agronomy and seed quality management and 10 BRSP staff on various aspects of wheat including on-farm methodology
  5. 100 farmers engaged in exposure visits and farmer field days.
  6. Follow up survey of AIP wheat activities in project area.

As in Balochistan the farmers are cultivating the local seeds since long time, and they are unable to get new varieties of wheat. The project aimed to promote the wheat production in Balochistan by providing them with different varieties of wheat to the farmers to help them to increase wheat production and increase their income.

Against set milestones, BRSP during the project period (October 2015 to Aug 2016) achieved the followings;

BRSP staff along with Organized LSOs representatives participated in the orientation of the project in October 2016.

As per set millstones, BRSP identified 200 farmers (Rained land 40, Irrigated land 150, Saline land 10) through active involvement of Local Support Organizations. Irrigated and rained land farmers were identified from all three districts while saline land farmers were identified only from district Pishin. As per set criteria MOUs were signed with identified farmers and provided with seed by Kashmala Agri Seed Company (CIMMYT qualified vendor). 3 field days conducted one in each district facilitated by CIMMYT Assistant Research Associate Amanullah Baloch where he held meetings with target farmers on issues and the result of the seed and visited the demonstration plots.

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