Human Resource Development

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Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) has established a dedicated unit to enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, and public and private sector organizations in diversified fields which include but are not limited to community mobilization, participatory development approaches, local governance, enterprise development, technical and vocational skills, community-based agriculture and livestock management, adult literacy and numeracy skills, financial literacy, accelerated learning pathways, operation and maintenance of community physical infrastructure, climate resilience, gender mainstreaming, DRR, cross-cutting themes, GBV and so on. This unit provides assistance through capacity building initiatives and facilitates the development of sustainable frameworks to identify and implement development interventions.

It also promotes an internal learning culture and provides opportunities for staff to attend training, workshops, and exposure visits to enhance their skills and contribute to better service delivery. Investment in the development of human resources is a critical factor that leads to sustainable development. By enhancing the skills and capabilities of individuals, institutions and communities gain the ability to function more effectively and efficiently, resolve problems, and work towards achieving their objectives, particularly in the context of poverty reduction