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Increased access to financial services is a salient feature of BRSP’s poverty graduation strategy which is crucial for economic growth and poverty reduction in Balochistan. BRSP has implemented various financial services programmes since 2010 with the support of PPAF and the European Union in 160 union councils of 10 districts. These programmes include Community Livelihood Fund, Micro Credit Programme, Interest-Free Loan Programme and Community Investment Fund which enabled rural communities to improve their economic conditions. The provision of small loans to the poor HHs helps them set up micro-enterprises to earn a decent livelihood and become financially independent. An average of Rs. 30,000 loan is provided to poor community members to start micro-enterprises so that they can become contributing members of the economy and improve their socio-economic status.

In Balochistan, people either have little or no access to financial services provided by different financial institutions such as banks which charge a high interest on loans. To mitigate these challenges, BRSP adopted innovative solutions such as mobile money and digital banking which have made it easier and more cost-effective to provide financial services to the undeserved population.