Population served in Emergency Response Operation





(2008, 2013, 2021)

0 Million


(2007, 2010, 2022)

0 Million




The extensive geographical social mobilization footprint, a key organizational strength, enables BRSP to undertake rapid and inclusive emergency response in Balochistan. This approach is designed to complement the efforts of the Government of Balochistan, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and healthcare providers (HCPs). One of the unique features of BRSP’s strategy is its integration of emergency response interventions with existing regular projects and programs that also contributes to sustainable development goals (SDGs). This approach ensures that emergency response activities are not treated as a standalone initiative instead they are aligned with long-term development goals, resulting in a more sustainable and effective response.

At the core of BRSP’s emergency response operation is a multi-pronged information and awareness campaign that utilizes different means of communication including social media, print media, and community meetings to reach maximum population during any disaster. The campaign aims to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the emergency situation and educate the public on best practices for staying safe and healthy during an emergency. By leveraging its extensive social mobilization network at grassroots, BRSP is capable of disseminating this critical information quickly and efficiently to communities across the province, ensuring that the response effort is as inclusive and effective to certain extent.

The key interventions of BRSP’s emergency response include rapid damage and need assessment survey, establishment of coordination and information cells at DC Offices, provision of food and non-food items, agriculture inputs, medical camps, wash services, provision of Personal Protective Equipment, IPC Campaigns, nutrition, shelters and livelihood support.