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Jhal Magsi



Jhal Magsi is a district in central Balochistan in Pakistan. Previously part of Kachhi District, it was established as a district of its own in December 1991 and after a brief period in which it was known as Kachhi (the remainder of the old Kachhi district being renamed to Bolan), its name was changed to Jhal Magsi in May 1992. The district is named after the town of Jhal, the seat of the Magsi tribe, the major Baloch tribe within the district. Historically, the Magsi tribe branched off from the earlier Lashari tribe.

The district has two main towns, Gandawah, the administrative center, and Jhal Magsi; and is divided into two subdivisions: Gandawah and Jhal Magsi. The district has a hospital that was built by the government of Punjab to help their Balochistani brothers.

The predominant religion is Islam (98.7%), although there is a minority (1%) of Hindus. The most common first languages are Balochi (69%), Sindhi (21%) and Saraiki (8.2%).

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