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Balochistan Rural Support Programme Fights COVID-19

Balochistan Rural Support Programme is working with the local governments and other international donors to undertake numerous activities in order to raise awareness against COVID-19, in a bid to reduce the spread of the virus in the rural communities such as;

BRSP’s extensive geographical footprint was the strength to undertake rapid and inclusive COVID-19 Emergency Response for complementing the efforts of Government of Balochistan, PDMA and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and Health Care Providers. The European Union, PATRIP Foundation, Indus Health Network and Directorate of Malaria Control Programme, UNICEF, Water Aid, GIZ and recently initiated UNOCHA project in 5 districts enabled BRSP to reach out to 27 districts, spread over an area of 243,576 km2, which is 70% of the province which includes the bordering districts with two countries i.e. Afghanistan, Iran and three provinces i.e. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab.

The salient feature of BRSP strategy in this response is that it does not treat this emergency response as standalone rather this has been integrated with all existing regular projects and programmes that are effectively been contributing to SDGs in the province. This integration would also contribute to the post-pandemic recovery.

BRSP COVID-19 emergency response is guided by a Result-framework that balances emergency response needs and the overall socio-economic development of the province. BRSP’s framework is aligned with GoP’s “Pakistan Socio-economic Impact Assessment and Response Plan” which was published in May 2020.

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