BRSP's Strength

In the year 2018, BRSP has completed 27 years of its formation. The organisation, through its journey of more than two and a half decades, not only realised the set vision and goals but also expanded the scale and scope of rural development activities in 422 UCs of 25 districts of the province by organising and building the capacities of communities at the grassroots level to pursue their own development agenda through integrated sectorial, need based and sustainable interventions. Being part of Rural Support Programme Network that leads the way in community-driven and participatory development in Pakistan, BRSP believes:

  • the poor have the potential to change their lives and end poverty, if they are organised, save their resources and hone their skills and;

  • the achievement of desired impact of every intervention rely on coordinated efforts.

These beliefs resulted in successful completion of various projects focusing on health, education, water, sanitation, community physical infrastructure, livelihoods, natural resource management, governance and human resource development contributing towards improving living standard of rural poor in sustainable manner. And; enabled BRSP in demonstrating successful models of public-private partnerships wherein Government Departments' staff and BRSP team jointly planned, implemented, monitored and completed mega projects in the province. These partnerships, with Federal and Provincial Governments, Civil Society Organisation and Academia, vitalised to expand the scope of development project from conventional to unique and innovative approaches for addressing the basic needs of the communities.             

Moreover, capitalising on its vast-outreach BRSP supplemented Government's efforts by participating in large scale emergency operations to respond to three major natural catastrophes that hit Balochistan, which include cyclone Yemyin, earthquakes and devastating flash floods in 14 districts of Balochistan where besides contributing in rescue, relief and early recovery interventions, support was also extended to strengthen coordination by establishing Coordination and Information Cells. As a result, humanitarian work along with development has become a core competency of the organisation.

We feel proud that as result of continuous efforts for last 27 years, today, BRSP is one of the largest organisations in the province as it has in placed well-developed policies and procedures, strengthened its systems and advancing with the use of emerging evolution of Information Technology for efficient and effective programme delivery in more transparent mode.

We recognise that accomplishments of BRSP are indeed the achievement of the rural communities of the province, whose willingness and devotion gives us strength to work hard, leverage resources and claim that people have ability to succeed even if they are provided with little assistance. We are grateful to Federal Government of Pakistan, Government of Balochistan, our National and International Donors and UN agencies for their continuous technical, financial and moral support. And; we anticipate that these supports will be persistent for continuing unanimous efforts to make prosperous and enlightened Balochistan where people especially the poor and women are provided with equal livelihood opportunities and are not socially and economically excluded. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Government Balochistan has provided BRSP with an endowment of PKR 500 million which will ensure BRSP’s sustainability as an Institution and to continue its efforts for expanding the scale and scope of rural development activities in Balochistan.

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