How We Are Helping

How We Are Helping

Distribution of Food Packages:

Food packages will be provided to the families, who are urgently in need of food and have insufficient food available, households fully damaged, living in IDP camps or living in the open sky, people with disabilities and women-headed households who cannot afford food purchase from the local market. The food packages will be distributed on the basis of fully and partially damaged houses including other vulnerabilities. In addition to this, the BRSP team will validate the affected households through which the most vulnerable households will be provided food packages in three districts.

Hygiene Kits Provision:

Hygiene kits will be distributed to those households who receive food packages beside this, considering the vulnerability of families living in flood-affected areas that will minimize the health risks associated with the unhygienic conditions of target beneficiaries.

Medical Camps:

Similarly, 13 mobile medical camps will be organized in three target districts, where the incidences of waterborne and vector-borne diseases have been reported as per available secondary data of the district health department and district administration. BRSP will organize medical camps in consultation with the district health department and district administration at the desperately needed locations in the target districts. In this regard, diseases situation.

Provision of water purification tablets:

Water purification tablets will be provided to fully damaged households for 15 days, each household will consume two tablets a day to purify the stored drinking water. Secondly, during the validation process, BRSP social mobilisation teams will reach the areas, where water-borne diseases outbreak is observed. The need was already raised by the different districts that Cholera and other waterborne disease are common after flood effects and where the health department and district administration felt the shortage of water purification tablets. BRSP social mobilisation teams will reach the actual beneficiaries