Special Projects

Youth Activities

Pakistan 30% of population (55.66 million) comprise of youth (between 15 - 29 years). Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP) is implemented youth development projects in two districts (Nushki and Qilla Abdullah) of Balochistan under border area development program with financial support of PATRIP Foundation. The project comprises of construction Youth Sports & Learning Centre (YSLC) and formation of Youth Lead Group and Youth Elder Support Group. The YSLC (multi-purpose sport hall) subsequently youth from collage and outside collage, both will have a chance to be benefited from the youth center. Once the construction is completed, to facilitate the purpose of youth development, YSLC will be equipped with the facilities of Gym, Badminton curt (with concept of multipurpose hall that can be utilized for different sort of training and learning activities.), Table tennis, Karate, computers, library (with quality books for youth in Urdu and English). The participation of youth in all YSLC activities will be ensured through organizing different kind of youth groups to mobilize other youth. Youth center is also have activities which will enable youth to participate in community development, and different kind of trainings like youth mobilization will be given so youth will acquire knowledge and awareness on those issues and challenges which normally they get hard feet to find opportunities for themselves. For active participation of youth in friendly activities and sustainability of Youth Sport & Learning Center, the social mobilization team (SMT) will facilitate in the formation of Youth Lead Groups and Youth Elder Support Groups. Youth Lead Group comprises representatives (president/general secretary) of Pakistan Youth Council, District Cricket Association, District Football Association, volleyball Association, Representative of Afghan Youth, and Representative of College. Youth Lead Group is a platform for the all stakeholder to work for youth. Beside it, the team facilitate in the formation of "Youth Elder Support Group" and capacity building of youth groups, organize sport & cultural events and interprovincial exposure visits of stakeholders.

Youth Friendly Program (YFP)

The goal of Youth Friendly Program is to improve the reproductive health status and enhance empowerment of young people in Pakistan, leading towards sustainable human development. Youth Friendly Program will also contribute to the ability of poor rural and urban female and male adolescents and youth to make responsible choices on matters related to their sexuality, lives and society at large. In this regard, BRSP has joined hands with UNFPA in partnership to ensure that systems, mechanisms and practices responding to adolescents sexual & reproductive health rights and needs are improved.

The program has been designed building on the previous model of YFCs and also packaging new themes including Life skills and Non-formal education along with Health sessions on Adolescents Reproductive Health, ARH counseling, peer education sessions, sports, computer classes, vocational trainings and other recreational activities for youth.