Information Technology

Information Technology


The Term “Information & Communication Technology “is used to describe the process  involves  recording, processing, storing, retrieving, transmitting and again recording of information from the feedback. Thus Information Technology has assumed unprecedented importance in the global economic arena. In Pakistan, the Federal Government of Pakistan and Provincial Government Balochistan has accorded a very high priority to this sector. The   new   information   technology   facilities   improve management of physical and financial resources. The advances in technology environment internet technology and related services are major driving forces for those changes; with the application of internet technology business activities become more efficient and new services are being rapidly developed.

Information   Technology   is   the   use   of   hardware,   software,   services,   and   supporting infrastructure to manage and deliver information.”. Many Government and Non-Government organizations now have its department for managing the computer networking and other technical areas of their business I.T jobs include I.T manger, computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, web development technical support and many other related occupation.

Vision: Putting technology to use, where technology is useful.


  • Promote IT infrastructure, create IT awareness and develop capacity of stakeholder or end-users accordingly.
  • Identify critical operations in the BRSP organization where IT (ERP, DSS,MIS, GIS, and Network & Hardware) can make a positive impact.
  • Develop  utilities  to  enhance  staff  productivity  by  streamlining  and  automating  data integration and analysis of manual business functions and procedures. 
  • Provide support to meet changing service demands.  Function as a strategic arm of the BRSP by leveraging new technologies to support strategic goals and business plans     of the organization.

BRSP has the honor for deploying complete package of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Modules namely “General Ledger, Inventory, Fixed Asset, Human Capital Management, Human Resource MIS, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Procurement, Vehicle Management, Attendance Management, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation. BRSP enjoys 8 MB CIR internet on fiber optic provided by Wateen Telecom.

BRSP ICT section has developed ICT Policy and Procedural Manual. The manual is in-line with BRSP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The IT section also provides services related to Enterprise GIS, Web GIS, MIS development, CMS Development, Networking and Data Management.

BRSP Decision Support System Development

  • Development of User-friendly, interactive, Web-based computerized programme for planning, monitoring and  reporting of all BRSP Projects activities.
  • BRSP-DSS, an integrated system with geo-referencing tool, is being developed as first Module (PSC) and GIS Module have been developed and CO, VO, VDP, UCDP, Sector Specific, M&E, Project, Dashboard Modules development are in progress. BRSP-DSS will entirely be developed in-house using available resources at ICT section level. It is intended that BRSP-DSS will provide wide information on the planned as well as ongoing programme activities for the use of respective project donors, BOD, BRSP and  other implementing agencies, The ongoing social, physical and financial status of input and output aspects of implementation of activities will be mainly focused during development.
  • It will help to resolve the problem of collection of inputs from different sources, preparation of standard reports, help in timely solution of delays in tracking indicators and web GIS will supplement the monitoring and efficient decision making process.

The BRSP-IT section has a workforce of 4 persons who are experts in:

Technologies Support:

 GIS Development

● Arc view                                 

● ArcGIS                                

● Google Map (Web GIS)                             

● Google Earth Professional

Programming Languages:

 ● Application (C#, C++, java, Visual Basic)                              

● Web Based Applications (VB.Net, ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, AJax)

● Scripting Languages (JavaScript, VBScript, Ajax, Json, …)

● Markup Languages (KML, XML, XHTML, HTML/DHTML), CSS

● Oracle 6i (PL/SQL forms, reports)                                           



● Microsft Windows  

● Linux


● Oracle

● MS SQL Server      

● Mysql

● Ms Access

Application & Web Server:

● Microsoft IIS                                  

● Apache

Core Area of Experties

● Customize  software development.

● Web site & Application development.

● E-Commerce application development.

● Geographical Information system based       

    System development.

● E-Governance application development.

● Content Management System Development

● Communication network establishment.

● Graphic Designing.

● Data Entry Services.

● ICT Consultancy.

ICT Professional Trainings

● Server Management and Maintenance Course

● Web site & Application development Course.

● Geographical Information system and GPS Course.

● Basic ICT and Network Course

Since 2015 we have developed the following ICT Systems:

Network Services: the BRSP IT section maintains the LAN and WAN requirements of BRSP. The BRSP IT section has well established network expertise to meet growing network needs. We not only maintain the Local Area Network of the BRSP Head Office: we also maintain the VPN across multiple offices necessary for BRSP-ERP and DSS Application.

In terms of Data Management the BRSP IT section stores and manages data from the different sectors. In this regard, we have procured the latest backup data storage systems placed at BRSP head office Quetta and Islamabad.