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Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) is an autonomous not-for-profit organization working in the rural areas of Balochistan. BRSP’s history goes back to the project “Pak-German self help initiative” that was initiated in 1983 in collaboration with Government of Germany and Pakistan. The project was implemented by the Local Government Department of Balochistan with the collaboration of GTZ (German Agency for Technical Co-operation) advisory group. In the mid 90s, BRSP existed in 13 districts of Balochistan, with 250 staff members. The programme, however, had to be scaled down substantially in the subsequent years as GTZ withdrew its support. Read more

Empowerment of local bodies needed to reduce poverty: CM

QUETTA: The Chief Minister of Balochistan, Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, urged councillors to

Social Cohesion and Stabilization through sustainable Water Management

The launching ceremony of “Social Cohesion and Stabilization through sustainable Water Manage

Garda Babar Zhob

Water is lifeline for agriculture, hence, its conservation and proper management is imperative for


Balochistan Rural Support Programme (BRSP) stands always on the fir

Dream becomes a Reality.....

Water is life is mater, matrix mother and medium. There is no life without water.
The village

Model Village Killi Rahim Gull

In view of the fact that 2/3 of our population is residing in rural area, there is a big rural-ur

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